Share sensitive information encrypted and safe

Create a one-time link to securly share your data client-side encrypted with anyone.

Protect Your Sensitive Data with Secure & Expiring Links

Don't risk exposing your sensitive data to unauthorized people by sending them unencrypted over the wire!

Use our links that expire after a single use to ensure your information remains confidential. This method not only enhances protection but also applies robust encryption to all transmitted data. Adopt this secure approach to effectively safeguard your sensitive data during transfer, greatly reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

Client-Side Encryption: The Key to Securing Your Data

Encrypting data within your browser before it leaves your device is crucial for preventing unauthorized access and avoiding data breaches.

We ensure this security by storing only a fragment of the encryption key in the shareable link, making it impossible for anyone, including our team, to access the encrypted data without that specific link. This approach protects your information against internal threats and ensures complete confidentiality.

Understand Our Encryption: A Developer's Guide

Curious about the nuts and bolts of our encryption methods? Get the technical details behind our AES-GCM based encryption and key management.

Our guide breaks down how we use the Web Cryptography API to secure data at every step. If you're a developer looking for a clear explanation of advanced encryption techniques, this is for you. Check out our full encryption guide to boost your security skills.